Wait! Don’t De-Friend Idiots!

Dear friends,

I know that this is a difficult time. With George Zimmerman being acquitted, we are all reminded of the consistent failures of this justice system as well as the prevailing political structure that maintains it. But please, don’t de-friend people on Facebook simply because they don’t understand.

It’s likely that you, like I, have Facebook friends who are happy about the acquittal. Whether they’re racist, conservative, or just plain stupid – despite the temptation, please, please don’t de-friend them.

But why not?

Well, first of all, de-friending them isn’t going to help things. No one is ever going to change their minds simply because they’re losing digital Facebook friends over political opinions.

Second, de-friending them is a bad way of expressing anger. It’s unproductive. You should instead channel this anger into learning more so you can argue them into the ground and win! Use this as an opportunity to learn!

And finally, once you de-friend them, you lose the ability to influence them in the future. Think about it, our generation spends every moment of every day on Facebook. Occasionally, they may read an article or two that you post. This is an opportunity to persuade them to use their brains.

So stop. Think. Debate. This is how you alter their perspectives. Not by de-friending them.





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