The Time to Radicalize is Now

I should admit that I’m among the many people who are rather surprised by the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. However, I may be one of the few to see the silver lining here.

For the past eight years, I have had a fundamental disagreement with most of my liberal friends. It seemed to me that liberals wouldn’t admit that Barack Obama’s actions and policies weren’t always perfect and shiny and amazing.

However, now that liberals have been twice defeated (once in the defeat of Bernie Sanders), we can begin to build the necessary coalitions to fight Trump.

We finally stand together. We must radicalize together. Now is our opportunity.

Hillary Clinton lost, because of no one but herself. People want to blame 3rd-party candidates or sexism or blah, blah, blah.

This allows us to reject the election, but we need to reflect on the election.

What message did the Clinton campaign bring? Her answer to Trump’s proposed Muslim ban was to encourage Muslims to spy on each other for the state. When looking for a scapegoat in a variety of areas, Clinton harkened back to the Cold War and pointed to Russia at every opportunity. Her “path to citizenship” wasn’t a way forward for undocumented immigrants. She whispered about Black Lives Matter a few times, but Clinton has a long history of racism. And, on top of all this, by adjusting the primaries with the DNC, we know how she did actually rig one election.

This wasn’t an appealing option for any bloc of voters.

Undoubtedly, Trump was also by no means appealing. But now that he’s the next president, we need understand how to fight him and that includes reflecting on the failures of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It also means that we need to take a harder look at how the American government functions.

In this election, we had the choice between two people who haven’t experienced poverty. Two members of the ruling class and who were competing to act on behalf of the ruling class.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about you. Neither does Hillary Clinton.

They both care only about themselves. This is patently obvious to most of the population.

The government in the U.S. is a government by the rich for the rich. And here we can also see the farce in the supposed “difference” between the two political parties. The similarities are overwhelming, whereas the differences are petty.

Donald Trump will now serve simply as the monstrous head of an even larger monster.

In order to fight him, we need to fight the institutions and ideologies that support him. Those institutions are the ones that allow him to govern. A lot of people are now making the analogy to the 1930s without asking the next question: so what do we do?

What would you do if you were living in 1930s Germany or Italy?

The American government has failed to protect us and now, perhaps, is the most important time to re-appropriate Clinton’s campaign slogan of “Stronger Together” and make sure to just delete her from the club.

Now is the time to organize.

We must organize undocumented immigrants, to protect them from the state and Trump’s goon squads.

We must strengthen Black Lives Matter, in order to fight and destroy the racist institutions of the government.

We must organize Muslims against questions of “Americanism” and loyalty.

We must organize the workers to destroy policies that rip the working class apart. We need universal healthcare, free university tuition, and environmental protection. We’re not going to receive that from a nice, benevolent government. We have to fight for it.

Now is also the moment when we need to stand against the right-wing factions in our country. The Alt-Right is real. Fascists and White Supremacists have their ideal representative in the White House.

We must fight them. We must organize against them.

The time to radicalize is now.

We will be Stronger Together, especially without Clinton.


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