Muslims Outside of Western Culture

American capitalism hasn’t figured out how to integrate Muslims yet.

This exclusion perhaps ought to be something we celebrate today.

In 20 years, we may very well be decrying our total inclusion into globalization.


For the record, I don’t forgive Trump. Fuck him.

The dominant logic of liberal activism is one of perfect integration into capitalism, rather than challenging that capitalism.

Take, for example, the petition for hijabi emojis.

The struggle for inclusive emojis will have the consequence of making a more inclusive capitalism. A more inclusive capitalism will be more vicious, all-pervasive, and dynamic.

I understand that there’s an argument for normalizing hijab in order to make society more accepting of women who choose to wear hijab (or niqab or burqa).

To what lengths must we go?

Should we even be using smartphones made in sweatshops with conflict minerals?

Where’s the critical action against imperialism?

Making Facebook status updates and blog posts (like this one) are not solving the problem.

Can we normalize Islam without integrating into capitalism? If not, perhaps we should choose not to normalize and, rather, embrace our exclusion.

As Alain Badiou has argued, the ban of the niqab and burqa in France was directly related to the inability of capital forces to successfully exploit Muslim bodies to sell products. Aside from the mere desire to force women to put their bodies on display, it’s exceedingly difficult to sell Coca-Cola with a model in niqab. 

This, I think, is a good thing.

This Coca-Cola advertisement in Afghanistan was specifically aimed at Muslims celebrating Ramadan. Meanwhile, another location where Coca-Cola was widely available was the luxury hotel complex that ISIS had opened in Mosul.

Why is no one asking the obvious question: How is ISIS so easily obtaining Coca-Cola? Is it that Coca-Cola saw a wonderful business opportunity in a new market (not unlike Nazi Germany)?

As Slavoj Zizek has noted, ISIS is totally integrated into post-modern global capitalism.

Without global capitalism, there would be no terrorism as such.

Without global capitalism, there would be no ISIS.

Since this is the case, it seems to me that the true path that we (as Muslims and non-Muslims) should be taking is that against the dominant economic structures. We will never be emancipated until we dismantle capitalism and we will always be viewed as some sort of fifth column in the West as long as there is terrorism performed by Muslims.

We should be throwing away our smartphones. Not asking for ones that reflect our image back at us. We shouldn’t see ourselves in the globalized market.

Back to clothing.


Thus far, clothing that targets Muslims has remained isolated from greater society.

Abercrombie and Fitch isn’t selling any hijabs, thawbs, chadors, or shalwar kameezes yet.

For this, I think we should be grateful.

Update (January 4th, 2017): This process has already begun.


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