We are the Enemy

The new President of the United $nakes of Amerika, Donald Trump, the literal definition of a capitalist pig, has taken to referring to his critics as “enemies“.

This is a label that ought to be carried with pride.

If we are the enemies of imperial hegemony, globalization, and total war, then we are counted among the honorable.

“Enemy” is a bad word for many liberals. Mainstream niceties incline us to use softer language, because sharp language can reflect negative tendencies. Similar to how bourgeois American grandparents often say, “Don’t ever say that you ‘hate’ someone. Say that you ‘dislike’ them.”

As though the intention changes.


Dear Grandparents, I really fucking dislike Donald Trump.

Maybe, in embracing the label of “Enemy of Donald Trump”, we can build some bridges between liberals and leftists after all. An opportunity!

Or maybe liberals will continue to accept the rules of the game and distance themselves from those who are fighting. Whether it’s property damage during the inauguration or punching Nazis in the head, the liberals are quick to say that they “don’t condone violence”.

Of course, they weren’t saying that when Obama was assassinating children in Yemen or Pakistan.

The reality is that pretty much everyone (even your classic pacifists like Gandhi and MLK) are more than willing to turn a blind eye to violence – it simply depends on the subject and object of that violence.

This fact is often ignored, because it’s a position that is difficult to openly defend.

If someone defends the French Revolution or the Bolshevik Party, the discussion immediately turns to the periods of Terror. It’s often impossible to draw the conversation to the other aspects of those revolutions.

Interestingly enough, those same people never want to talk about the Terror that the American Revolution unleashed on black people and indigenous people on the continent.

No one wants to talk about the Jacobin legacy in greater Europe that brought the downfall of absolutist monarchies and feudalism. The benefits and drawbacks of Lenin’s New Economic Policy are never on the table for discussion.

What about the fact that Robespierre killed the King? And Lenin killed the Tsar!


We shouldn’t be afraid to take political positions with regards to historical events. The opposite is the case, we should be taking political positions.

And we should be willing to take positions that aren’t necessarily the easy ones.

Presently (and historically), we have had and continue to have a vast array of enemies. We have had white supremacists, male chauvinists, fascists, capitalists, counter-revolutionaries, reactionaries, saboteurs, and (very often) liberals have sided with them against us.

We shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge that they are our enemies and we are theirs.



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