Venezuela’s Problem is Capitalism

No matter what people are saying, the economic crisis in Venezuela is clearly rooted in capitalism, not socialism. Anyone who wants to say that this crisis is strictly a result of the social-democratic policies of the Venezuelan government is manipulating the facts.

The most obvious fact dispelling this is the other left social-democratic economy: Bolivia. At the moment, Bolivia’s economy is thriving, due to a boom in the demand for minerals.


Evo’s little secret

As the price of minerals has shot up, the price of oil has plummeted. Oil, of course, has been the primary mover in making the social programs in Venezuela possible. The collapse of oil prices was not because of Venezuela’s social system, but rather because of the world market and geopolitics.

The policy crystallizes when we take a look at the words of Ali al-Naimi, who was the Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia: “As a policy for Opec – and I convinced Opec of this, even Mr al-Badri [Opec secretary general] is now convinced – it is not in the interest of Opec producers to cut their production, whatever the price is.”

If you refer to the above links (both of which are BBC, hardly a leftist news outlet), we can see that the levels of production maintained by OPEC are entirely intentional. Oil prices are artificial, as OPEC countries over-produce. The rationale for such a move is, according to the BBC, the Gulf states’ attempt to keep their market-share.

However, that article also clearly demonstrates who the losers are when over-production happens: Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are at the top of the list.

Where does that leave us? Is it reasonable to assume that the drop in oil prices is entirely manufactured in order to not only maintain Gulf states’ market-share but also to destabilize countries that don’t nicely fit into U.S. global hegemony?

We shouldn’t take the right-wing baiting that Hugo Chavez’s mistake was nationalizing industries – Chavez’s mistake was rather assuming that the global powers weren’t intent on destroying his gains.

Chavez’s mistake was that he didn’t completely do away with capitalism in Venezuela.

Since the beginning of the social programs instituted by the Bolivarian government under Chavez, the West sought to undermine ever step of progress – even to the point of attempting to overthrow him in 2002.

Remember that throughout all of this:

The U.$. doesn’t hate Venezuela for the bad things it has done, but for the good things it has done.

Obama Legacy in Latin America


English Teachers Are 21st Century Missionaries

English teachers (usually native speakers from one of the Anglo-West countries: the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand) travel across the world today functioning essentially as non-military tools of Western domination.

Similar to missionaries of previous centuries, English teachers often see themselves as ultimately benign actors: “We’re helping people learn English! We’re giving them opportunities!”

We can put aside the white savior complex and strictly analyze the role that they play. English teachers are able to virtually travel anywhere in the world and receive compensation for doing minimal labor.

Replace “Christianity” with “English”, “Church” with “School”, “The Bible” with “Grammar Textbook”, and “saving souls” with “providing business opportunities in a global economy”.

What does this formula give you?

white savior

saving all the brown people

English teachers are missionaries – just of the English language. Let’s not forget the historical fact that part of missionary work in the past was also the invaluable tool of language education.

You need to read our Bible in our language!

Today, as there is no longer a territorial Christendom to speak of, these missionaries act on behalf of the American Empire.

White People Deserve It

While the white “working class” of the first world countries complains about their situation, we should remember this:

If communism had spread unhindered during the 1960s and 1970s, then multinational corporations wouldn’t have been able to outsource jobs to the third world. White people destroyed Vietnam and then are confused as to why all the factories are in Vietnam.

When white people express their racist/imperialist sentiments, we shouldn’t try to appease them in some Bernie Sanders hat trick. Rather, we should recognize that first world white people brought this world into existence and refuse to reflect on their own actions.

Trump Supporters Racism

And now we have mainstream liberals eulogizing “the middle class” and we have these new “democratic socialists” arguing for the rights of “the working class”. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are appealing to those who want to see the American Empire thrive.

There is no working class in the first world.

When we on the left capitulate to the Sanderites, we essentially lose any claim to our own narrative – which is politically devastating. Sanders has supported every imperialist war (except Iraq), doesn’t support any form of reparations, and has not interest in bringing about the twilight of American power.

Sanders is no leftist.

And when Dumbass Trump hurls tomahawk missiles at the Shayrat airbase in Syria, we need to recognize that there can be no “deal” struck up with the forces of capitalism today. We have no allies among those who support capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and imperialism.

We cannot make broad alliances with liberals, Sanderites, and Trump’s horde of neo-nazis.