Thomas Friedman Belongs in a Gulag

From the man who brought you nightmarish ramblings about “bursting the bubble of terrorism” by murdering every Iraqi. And from the man who brought you a book claiming that neoliberalism has somehow brought equality to the world. This week, the newest Thomas Friedman article came out in the New York Times. And Friedman is eager to solidify his place in the ever-growing list of people who belong in a Gulag.


It’s a dream come true!

In his ahistorical, psychotic interpretation of the world, he thinks that Muhammad ibn Salman (the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) is somehow a force for liberating Saudi Arabia. Evidently, he knows nothing of the history of Saudi Arabia – while he also demonstrates a profound stupidity regarding the Crown Prince’s geopolitical games.

Case and point: Yemen is going through a famine and the worst cholera epidemic in history while being bombed back into the Stone Age by Saudi Arabia.

This is happening right now.

What does Friedman have to say about this tragedy in his article?

“[The Crown Prince] insisted that the Saudi-backed war in Yemen, which has been a humanitarian nightmare, was tilting in the direction of the pro-Saudi legitimate government there, which, he said is now in control of 85 percent of the country, but given the fact that pro-Iranian Houthi rebels, who hold the rest, launched a missile at Riyadh airport, anything less than 100 percent is still problematic.” (emphasis added)

Friedman is saying that Saudi Arabia needs to control 100% of Yemen in order for everything to be hunky-dory. This is propaganda on an unbelievable level.

Essentially, Friedman is saddling himself up to a war criminal.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Thomas Friedman has encouraged massacres!

What was his solution to the breakdown of former Yugoslavia in 1999? It should be lights out in Belgrade: every power grid, water pipe, bridge, road and war-related factory has to be targeted.” In case you weren’t aware, those are war crimes.

What about his ideas on the invasion of Iraq in 2003?:

Such demagogy should be rewarded with hard labor.

Arguably, this nonsense likely arises from his skewed understanding of the world.

Thomas Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” is so full of hackneyed misrepresentation of basic facts and incoherent nonsense, that it’s amazing that Friedman is allowed to show his face outside without endless ridicule.

Let alone be published in mainstream newspapers!

Based on his constant defense and advocacy of war crimes, I suggest that we all pitch in together and make sure that Thomas Friedman gets an all-expenses-paid one-way ticket to a Gulag.


Modernity & Ignorance

Living in the modern world requires ignorance.

I mean by this the active, intentional ignoring of things happening around you as well as to you. We’re required to ignore commercials and billboards and advertisements and a constant assault against our senses and better judgement in the First World as well as in the Third World (not to mention the Second World).

How else are we expected to function?

We have to ignore the chemicals in our food, the brutality of factory farming for our meat, the sweatshops that produce clothing, and the suffering that is fundamental to sustain our existence.

How else are we expected to function?

Those of us who make the choice not to ignore these things are treated with contempt. When we speak or write about these topics, we’re interrupting the bubble in which others choose to live comfortably. Besides, we are made to feel that we are powerless against an all-pervasive system.

Imagine a Euro-Amerikkkan family sitting down to eat their microwaved chemical-laden factory-farmed dinner in front of a television, channel-switching between a football game, a news program with Amerikkkan bombs falling on children in the Third World, and a sitcom with canned laughter.

How else are we expected to function?

This image should disgust all of us.

Instead, we’ve been conditioned to think that this is a perfectly acceptable tradition in the First World.

Ignorance means nothing and everything these days.

Those of us in the We$t live in a world that is structured around horrors. Corpses, suffering, misery, tragedy, war, genocide. These are the words that ought to provide us with a full vocabulary to describe global capitalism and the Amerikkkan Empire. Instead, these words are only said in fantasy films and news programs describing the crimes of others – those people out there.

How else are we expected to function?

In Arabic, the word kufr means “disbelief” or “arrogant rejection of the truth”. The root of kufr is kafara,which means “to cover over”, indicating that the act of kufr is the act of covering over the truth. Traditionally, many Muslims use the term kaafir to describe non-Muslims. However, I’d alternatively propose that all of us living through modernity (including myself) without engaging in a struggle against it are kuffaar.

We’re merely zombies among the living.

After all, what are we supposed to do – think!?

God forbid.